• The quality is so good. And i can feel the power of her punch. It's badass >> Betrayed
  • Great fight! She's undefeated. >> Watch Out
  • Too beautiful to entertain his nonsense... a great fight by a great woman... >> Temple Thieves
  • Don't mess with these beautiful ladies, they are too dangerous! >> Temple Thieves
  • Powerful fight scene. More of her please!! >> Girl In Garden
  • This is what you get when you don't mind your business. >> Warrior, Part II
  • Even with a broken ankle, she delivered. That was a though tussle. >> Deranged
  • Cassidy is the real deal. Wow! >> Cassidy Power Promo
  • She handled them as they should. Wow! Her energy is top-notch. Girl!!! You are good. >> Betrayed
  • He was confused, he needed a thorough beating to teach him a lesson, well done! >> Warrior, Part II
  • This is the advantage of having fighting skills as a lady, no one can intimidate you. Weldone. >> Warrior, Part I
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